2014 FCCI ‘Rapid Acceleration of Globalization’

Date: May 9th, 2014
Location: Mariners Church, Irvine, USA
FCCI SoCal Fellowship Regional Fellowship
Speaker: Daniel Kang (강충원 선교사님)

Rapid Acceleration of Globalization–We are losing our leadership in the global economy as other countries have surpassed us.
• How can we take advantage of the rapid changes in globalization?
• What can we do to protect our businesses and the next generation?

Daniel Kang serves as President of Hearcom, Inc. a new business development consulting group.. As principal of the Christian CEO School in Fullerton, CA, Daniel is actively involved in training our rising Christian CEO’s. For the past 5 years, Daniel has served as a visiting teaching marketplace missionary of KPM (Kings & Priests Ministries), training Christian business leaders in 10 different countries. He has a passion for the next generation Christian business leaders. Daniel will share critically important insights arising from the “Rapid Acceleration of Globalization” and how it is impacting businesses today and what it means for future generations. We are fortunate to have access to Daniel’s hands-on global experience and wisdom.

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